In particular: IM+. Is it better than Agile Messenger?

From What's on my N90?.:


I've been using a Nokia N90 S60 smartphone for almost a month now. I have the full unlocked 3G version from Europe, not the crippled cracked out one you can buy at Ritz Camera in exchange for a new contract with T-Mobile.


Some of the built-in applications on the N90 are quite good. For example, the email client is fantastic. It supports IMAP, IMAP-IDLE, and email gets pushed to me as fast as my BlackBerry ever got it. I have no complaints there, really. The input device doesn't even bother me that much because a lot of my email when I'm mobile is consumption anyway, and I rarely have to type out a huge edict or anything unless I'm at a desk. Even the built-in browser is quite good. I have also installed Opera and Opera Mini but honestly I use the built-in browser most of the time.

But like any smartphone user, I have managed to accumulate some favorite applications over the last month that I feel are very useful, so I'll be outlining them in this post.

This post is a doozy. Get comfortable.


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