$US 50 list, looks like it might be the one to get because it's cheaper and from a brand with a known reputation (unlike ActionTec and the $US 30 Chatterbox) and it works with Macs. Anybody tried this?

From USRobotics USB Internet Speakerphone via Skype Journal.:


The USRobotics USB Internet Speakerphone works with the powerful Skype-- Voice-over-Internet application to enable "hands-free" and toll-free calls around the world. Simply install Skype software and plug the Internet Speakerphone into a USB 1.1 or 2.0 port to make free phone calls to any Skype user world-wide. Powerful echo cancellation technology assures high quality calls. Convenient volume and mute buttons allow you to manage your conversation without accessing the computer application.


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