Zimmer Twins - powered by Drupal and by Flash. But who cares about the tools behind it :-) ? The important thing is that the site is fantastic. Check them out. Register and vote for the Zimmer Twins in the youth category if you like what you see!

From Help Make the Zimmer Twins (even more) Famous.:


The Twins have been stars of the web for years now, and more recently on Teletoon TV.

It would only be right for them to win a Webby: they're fun, funny and Canadian (well, they're from Toronto, but that's ok).

Check out their web site and make some movies with Edgar, Eva and their cat 13, and you'll quickly see why they should win.

The Webby's have a juried award and a People's Voice Award, and that's where you can help. Every vote in the People's Voice puts them one step closer to the red carpet.

Comon' Canada ! Register here and vote for the Zimmer Twins now ! They're in the youth category.

You only have until May 5th to vote.


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