Flickr rocks but this piece really adds no information (the time to write about how great flickr is, what great people Stewart and Caterina are and how much money they got would have been in Spring 2005 just after the acquisition not Spring 2006). Instead of concentrating on yesterday's news, the Globe and Mail Report on Small Business should be covering today's Canadian small businesses i.e. EQO, Dabble DB, etc rather than last year's small businesses like flickr.

From : Exit strategy: Cashing out, staying in.:


Thanks to Yahoos traffic, Flickr membership has quadrupled to

2.5 million, and the site has emerged as the linchpin of its new owners social-networking strategy--that is, to reposition Yahoo as a venue for people to connect and share experiences, rather than simply as a place they go to search and shop.

Because of that shift, Yahoo is closing in on Google, the do-everything juggernaut a few kilometres down the Valley. Which raises the question: Given Flickrs strategic significance, did Butterfield and Fake sell out too soon?

If they did, they dont seem to be regretting it. Money is clearly not this couples primary motivation. Instead of blowing their cash on Porsches or a sprawling manse, they rent a modest house in San Franciscos still-gentrifying Mission district. "We have a Prius for the fuel economy," he says. "And we share it."


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