I haven't experienced any of Jonathan's problems. I switched from MarsEdit to ecto simply because MarsEdit can't handle (MarsEdit takes all the CPU time, is it looping through all the categories?) my Drupal sites that have hundreds of categories due to freetagging. I would like to switch back because I like MarsEdit's interface far better. Brent, please fix this bug!

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I very much in love with NetNewsWire, however, I’ve given up on MarsEdit, replacing it with the vastly superior Ecto tool. Roland was right. MarsEdit did strange things, like not completing uploads to sites (even though it would post), and taking it’s dear, sweet time when the box was 11 inches from it on GigE. So, if anyone wants a copy of MarsEdit, I’d be happy to give it to them - I’ve paid for both, and will only be using Ecto from here on in.


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