Roland and Tod at HTCE Citizen Journalism and Corporate Communications Panel May 15, 2006 HTCE Citizen Journalism and PR - Roland in Vancouver 2254

Here's my (very biased :-) !) notes, tips and links from Monday May 15th's HTCE What "What Citizen Journalism Means to Corporate Communications" panel with Darren, Tod and Kris:


  • Other event photos and Roland's N70 videos uploaded in real time over the mobile phone network via ShoZu.
  • Hey Nokia and Fido as Kris suggested, how about offering an "affordable unlimited data plan for bloggers" perhaps in conjunction with the existing Nokia bloggers relations program bundled with high end Nokia cameraphones like the forthcoming N93. Bloggers are influencers for others who buy phones and by offering them this, you'll get lots of free online PR and some great feedback on your cameraphones' video and photo features.
  • Other Vancouver based citizen journalism experts (apologies to those I leave out) who not only are doing "it" but get "it":
    • Susan Gardner and Travis Smith of Hop Studios - J school trained, worked at real newspapers, fully versed in traditional media and blogs, videoblogs and podcasting and citizen journalism
    • Michael Tippett of NowPublic - Vancouver based worldwide Citizen Journalism site where you can publish text, photos, audio and video and also request coverage of events you are interested in
    • Mark Hamilton - Kwantlen College journalism instructor (who is a veteran of many community newspapers and other established media outlets) - must read his blog!
  • Other links and sites to check out:

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