Ivan, the S60 Lifeblog development manager, pushes back on the Lifeblog backlash (and the first quote below is mine, ha ha!). Ivan: I agree with you, organization, search and context are important and I need that for all the stuff I create on my mobile phone or elsewhere. What we disagree about is whether Lifeblog is "good enough" for this when compared to other systems.

I want the search, context and timeline functionality of Lifeblog. I just don't want it on my PC or Mac (when will there be a Mac version?) which is what Lifeblog does. I want it on a cloud that I can access anywhere and that I can backup and post to via open protocols like Atom and things like the flickr API. Lifeblog doesn't do this. It seems to be a proprietary single device PC centric hub in a multi-device non PC centric mobile world.

For me, for now ShoZu + flickr (especially if it were to add support for mobile phones videos) is more than "good enough" and much better fits my needs (I can browse flickr by time and date uploaded, search, search by tag and most importantly many of my friends use flickr unlike lifeblog and it's partner TypePad). I am sure that another competitor designed to contextualize, and organize people's multimedia (mobile or otherwise) will emerge and I doubt it will look like:
"mobile app called Lifeblog"
"PC app called Lifeblog" with proprietary and undocumented interfaces and APIs (e.g. Lifeblog 'sort of' works with non TypePad blogs and it doesn't have a rich API for uploading, backing up and manipulating content from it) ; it'll probably look a lot like the ShoZu + flickr combo

But hey I could be wrong :-) ! Viva la competition and I look forward to running whatever the best system turns out to be on my Nokia Series 60 phones (like the N93 which sounds fantastic for early adopter cameraphone fanatics like me).

FROM Ivan Kuznetsov: Lifeblog is not a blogging application!:


When Lifeblog 2.0 has been launched most of the moblie-related web sites and blogs spread the news and a few discussions sparkled on various forums. Unfortunately focus of the most of the posts was on moblogging with Lifeblog rather than on the main functionality of the application.

Here are a few quotes to illustrate it:

"I have stopped using Lifeblog and will now upload my pictures using Shozu?"

"ive never seen the point of blogs, i odnt think anyone wants to read my life story and im not sure i want to tell everyone"

"please can somebody tell me for what is this good for?
lifeblog: you upload pics and everybody can see it?
why should I do that?"

"I dont use the PC software at all, seems useless."

While as Lifeblog definitely has blogging capabilities, it doesn't make it a solely blogging application. Blogging is just a part of Lifeblog functionality, and I dare to say not the most important one, even if the name suggests otherwise.

Having said that, I should mention that moblogging is still important for Nokia. In new Nokia Nseries multimedia computers - N72, N73, and N93, that were launched two weeks ago in Berlin, you will find yet another Nokia solution for moblogging (in addition to Lifeblog) that enables posting images to Flickr right from Camera and Gallery applications.

So what is Lifeblog good for besides moblogging? Three things mainly:


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