Calling all Drupal people of all skill levels (newbies, themers, site admins, developers, users, consultants, Nancy Whites :-) , documentation writers, etc.). It's a total bargain ($20 suggested donation) and lots of Drupal experts will be there to get you into the Drupal conversation. See you at Richard Hugo House. Sign up today (join the site (or use your username), login and signup). See you in Seattle!

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June 28 & 29, 2006
Location: Richard Hugo House

Drupal-Camp Seattle is an opportunity to learn about the Free and Open Source Drupal Content Management System ( This community driven event will focus on the PHP Theme Engine theming system, theme-able functions, Drupal 4.7 modules, module development and CiviCRM.
Who Should Attend:

If you are a php programmer, or a css/xhtml programmer looking to increase your ability to rapidly deploy websites for clients, work with other people doing interesting things, and generally spend less time re-inventing the wheel or maintaining your own proprietary or single source CMS, this event is a perfect introduction to Drupal. You'll leave with a comprehensive understanding of deploying a Drupal website out of the “box” and a foundation on which to build your Drupal knowledge.

If you have started to dabble in Drupal, either as an application specialist type (installing and configuring but not hacking on code) this is a great opportunity to learn more, and learn tips and tricks from others.

If you are a webmin, online director or organizer for your company or organization and are looking to move away from a static HTML site, add interactive features, blogging, events calendars, forums or other community building functionality, this is a great event to learn about Drupal's capabilities and even come away ready to build your site.

Drupal rocks! Drupal is Free (capital “F”) and Open Source. Hundreds of developers are constantly making it better and extending the functionality. You can leverage the work of these multitudes!

If you are looking for more regular work, there are over a dozen firms working in the United States deploying Drupal sites and many of them have openings for developers familiar with Drupal. The demand for Drupal powered websites is outstripping the community's ability to build them. Developers with Drupal skills have ample opportunities to work in the field.

Drupal Camp is free, but donations are appreciated. A suggested donation is $20. You can also buy a shirt to support the event soon at (we'll provide the direct link as soon as we have it)


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