UPDATE: As always, Darla Mack has a more thorough Nokia Wireless Keyboard review.

Back in October 2005, on my way home from BarCamp Amsterdam, in a jet lagged stupor, I picked up a Nokia Bluetooth Keyboard aka the SU-8W. Maybe it was me, maybe it was the earlier version of the software, maybe it was my old grey market 7610, its old firmware, and its limited RAM but it did not work very well. The keyboard would disconnect and power down after a certain period of time and it did not reconnect when you rebooted the keyboard.

I am glad to say that it works much better with my N70. For work and fun (!) I monitor several servers. Now wherever I go, I carry my N70 and the SU-8W and monitor and tinker with the servers remotely using PuTTY (which allows me to login and work on my servers securely over SSH). It works really well (the keyboard automatically reconnects when you turn it on, unlike my 7610). Highly recommended.

Nokia, please introduce a series 60 phone with a 3 megapixel camera, optical zoom, macro mode and 640x480 video and a keyboard. I will pay for one of these bricks :-) (basically an N93 with a keyboard!) with my own money!

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