I'm at Vancouver waiting for my (delayed) flight to San Francisco for BloggerCon IV and BarCamp San Francisco and my sleep deprived brain is reflecting nostalgically on previous BloggerCons especially the first one back in October 2003 in Boston:

  • 2003 seems so far away. Much has changed and much has stayed the same. But one thing seems to be constant. Almost everybody I met at BloggerCon I way back :-) in 2003 have profited in some way indirectly (not usually directly) from their blog.
  • I remember being in a cab with Doc Searls, Britt Blaser and Dan Gillmor and speaking with the cabbie on why he was voting Republican. It was then (in a rare feat of prescience) that I knew that the 2004 election was lost for the Democrats.
  • Speaking of Britt, I sure wish he could make it to BloggerCon IV. But I bet he's busy with Orgware and Podslam and his other ventures after an all too brief vacation in Ireland
  • I remember meeting Joey (love to hear that accordion belting out Iko Iko Friday and Saturday but alas he's not coming) and Wendy (who did a stellar job of organizing the first BloggerCon) and sharing Indian food with them and Dave and many others and now they are married and live in Toronto.
  • Had great conversations with Susan Mernit, Deeje Cooley and Scott Johnson over Indian food.
  • Met the proud papa, wine lover med musings guy Enoch Choi who the kid, Barb and I had the pleasure of lunching with and his family at BloggerCon III.

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