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Smartphones that I talked about on Citytv Breakfast Television - Roland in Vancouver (064) <p>Wanted to speak about these phones:</p> Smartphones that I talked about on Citytv Breakfast Television - Roland in Vancouver (065) <p> Here are my notes :</p> <pre>- smartphone = a phone that can do more than just phone
- usually email, also PDA functions (appointments) and some have
camera, video, etc.
- do you really need always on email with a full keyboard and the
bulk? no! unless you are in real time business like stocks IMHO
Otherwise, SMS good enough for emergency alerts.
- what to buy
- I. mainstream - blackberry p: original is still best for email
lovers c: not hip, not funky, no camera, no apps $ telus 99-549
device $22.50-$155/month for voice and email rogers 249-549 for
device voice and email $45-90/month
- 2nd choice treo 650 p:lots of apps c: not hip, not funky,
clunky, no camera $ telus 99-499 for device $22.50-$155/month
for voice and email rogers 349-699 for device $45-100/mont
for voice and email
- 3rd choice: motorola q p:cool style, size c: windows mobile,
new $ telus 249-599 device $22.50-$155/month for voice and
- II. instant messaging addicts - hiptop p: cheap! awesome keyboard
gives best IM and email experience, ghetto chic c: no apps,
ghetto chic $ fido 200-550 unlimited (!) data (email, im, web)
$20/month voice: $20-100/month
- III. wannabe europeans/asians/geeks: nokia e61 p:lots of cool
apps c: only for geeks and power users who don't mind getting it
in asia or europe or gray market
- IV mobile music mavens: n91 p: my phone, 4GB hard drive wifi,
engineered in Burnaby c: doesn't work with itunes, same as e61
- V mobile photographers, bloggers and videobloggers: n90 (and n93
Q3 2006) p:fantastic photos and video c: same as e61, size
- second choice: sony k750i, k800i etc p: great camera c: no
apps, same as e61
- technology
- GSM="VHS", CDMA="Betamax" You can use a new GSM device from any
manufacturer by moving SIM chip. Can't do that with CDMA = major
- whole world except canada, usa, korea, japan use GSM
- GSM in Canada = Rogers and Fido (not so great coverage outside
cities), Bell and Telus = CDMA
- GSM becoming more popular in US, nonexistent in 1998 now almost
everywhere thanks to T Mobile and Cingular
- If you buy from Bell and Telus you are locked into their limited
CDMA devices
- Recommendation: go with Fido or Rogers and don't get a contract
if you can afford not to! unless you need the great rural
coverage of Bell and Telus so you can buy cool devices from grey
market/asia/europe if/when you need them. Bell, Telus, Fido and
Rogers don't offer any really cool mobile devices.
- future (2010 and beyond)
- flat rate pricing, current pricing is byzantine
- all devices work anywhere in the world, no need to worry about
CDMA, GSM and other crazy tech terms
- create and share anything (phone calls, video calls, audio, text,
videos, photos) anytime with anybody from your mobile device for
$50-$100/month, no Canadian affordable unlimited general purpose
plans to do this today and the networks are too slow
- Mobile Power user or geek
- Come to BarCamp Vancouver August 25th and participate or lead
a session, it's free (suggested 20$ donation)
- barcamp.org/BarCampVancouver


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