I doubt I'll switch but it can't hurt to have a free account just in case.
Herewith the requisite mundane video photo:

What some people will do for a free pro account :-) ! Roland in Vancouver (180)

FROM Official Zooomr Blog : Sending Our Love to Bloggers: 2.5GB Free Pro Accounts:


Thomas posted a little while back that we’re giving free Pro accounts to Bloggers. And, well, we still are — to be quite frank, it’s going very well.

But, Thomas and I have been thinking lately about rewarding bloggers further. So, we’re announcing today that we’re giving any blogger around (that includes our LiveJournal, Xanga and MySpace buddies too!) free 2.5GB Pro Accounts. That folks is the ability to transfer over 1700 photos per month to Zooomr for free.


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