Some notes while still fresh (apologies to those who I forget to blog about)

  • What Boris said (especially about Workspace, Identity, and the great Vancouver tech community!)
  • Where were the local Vancouver videobloggers? I'll try to do more outreach next time to get 'em in?
  • I want more mobile sessions! Ah well, ok, I'll do one myself next time.
  • AdHack looks cool (user generated positive and negative ads that are also rated by the community!). Random ad related sidenote: Can somebody create localized RSS feeds of ads for things I want to buy and/or track like Canon Digital SLRs, lenses, point and shoot cameras with high ISOs like the Fuji F30 and great controls like the Casio ones?
  • Scott Laird is cool and so is his Nokia E61. If it had a camera and its software bugs were fixed, it would be the ideal mobile all in one gadget for me!
  • My videos' (e.g. the Sutori session) sound quality from the Canon Elura still sucks! I guess I need to bite the bullet and buy a real microphone.
  • Bryan Zug is cool and so are Bryan's BarCamp Vancouver videos. It's only a matter of time before somebody gets Drupal running on EC2 and storing videos on S3. Your own personal Drupal YouTube on S3 and EC2 will be available real soon now. Go LazyWeb! </ul>

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