Herewith my saga of updating my N91 to V 2.00.052 25-07-06 RM43 N91 (01.01) using the Nokia Software Updater (only the Nokia UK site worked for me, couldn't find the software updater on the USA site):

  1. backed up my contacts using iSync using my Mac
  2. reset the phone using *#7370#
  3. downloaded the Nokia Software updater onto a Windows PC (yay NOT!) that had an old version of the PC Suite; I figured I didn't need the PC Suite since I had iSync
  4. plugged the phone into its charger
  5. started the Nokia Software Updater
  6. Plugged in the N91 into the USB port of the Windows PC
  7. Phone was not recognized by the Nokia Software Updater
  8. After trying 3 or 4 times, I quite out of the Nokia Software Updater and was ready to give up when I noticed
  9. that Windows was installing USB drivers for the N91
  10. When the drivers were installed (I think there were 3 of them!), I started up the Nokia Software Updater again and it worked (after about 25 minutes and not before reporting that it failed!)
  11. After the Nokia Software Updater reported a failure, I restarted the phone and checked the firmware with *#0000# and it appeared to be the right version
  12. Re-paired the phone with my Mac
  13. restored my contacts and appointments with iSync
  14. Re-installed ShoZu, putty and the Nokia Wireless Keyboard App which are the only apps that I must have on my phone!

All in all the Nokia Software Updater is very "1.0" :-) but it works! It should check for the USB drivers before checking for the phone. To be fair, most people would probably run PC Suite first and presumably PC Suite would install the USB drivers!

It's awesome to finally be able to upgrade my phone without having to go through Nokia Canada who refuse to upgrade firmware for phones (i.e. all the cool, useful ones) that aren't officially for sale in Canada.

I hope this firmware update fixes the issues I have had with ShoZu! Fingers crossed!

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