UPDATE:It looks like blip.tv took the FLV that the Brightcove Publishpod encoded out of my MP4 (if the video below doesn't work, go to my blip.tv post to play it!):

<div id="blip_movie_content_99404">
Click To Play</div> <div class="blip_description">1st N93 Video 3 Stops Skyte Broadway to Granville
</div><p> The first video I did with my N93 was a 5 minute one of the SkyTrain (of course!). It's an awesome video but its 100MB (since I did it at 640x480 30fps MPEG4). I tried to upload it to Brightcove (since I know it won't work on blip.tv, my fav service; file is too big) but it didn't work. The Brightcove Mac OS X uploader, Brightcove Publishpod, successfully encoded the MP4 to flash video aka FLV but the sites says it's processing (and it's been saying that for 24 hours!). </p><p> I guess I'll try Google Video. I did search the Brightcove knowledge base and FAQs but found no documentation for video file upload limits or that MPEG4 (and yes I know there are many variants of MPEG4 and perhaps Nokia's is not supported) was not supported. Ah well early days. Brightcove sounds great (Robin Good's Brightcove review makes it sound wonderful) but I couldn't get it to work. </p>

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