This is the final post of my N91 Review series. One sentence summary: The N91 is an awesome music phone if you are a power user who's not in love with Smart Playlists and if you are not looking for a blogaphone.


  1. Great iPod phone if you can live without iTunes Smart playlists OR you don't mind drag and drop
  2. Great Standard hardware ports - Down with the pop port. Up with headphone jacks and USB jacks!
  3. WiFi rocks - I will never pay my own money for a phone without WiFi. The value of having WiFi cannot be underestimated if you live and work in a sea of WiFi which is almost everywhere in Vancouver and elsewhere that I frequent.
  4. ShoZu over WiFi rocks


  1. Symbian Series 60 v3 is not stable enough
  2. ShoZu on S60 is not stable enough (not to diss Cognima or Symbian, it's just the way it is, hopefully fixed in firmware upgrades and ShoZu upgrades) - in my opinion ShoZu working stably especially with WiFi phones should be used to test S60 and if it's not stable enough that S60 v3 phone should not ship. But I am biased :-) !

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