Although I was initially a skeptic about the WebKit based web browser for S60, I am now a believer :-) since I can upload videos directly from my phone over WiFi to

Who needs a desktop or laptop computer when you can upload videos over WiFi to services like the most awesome Well I do until I have decent text entry on the N93 or whatever video phone I happen to be using (and for now I guess that means a QWERTY keyboard of some sort although I am willing to bet there's lots of room for creativity here!)

All I can say is Go Web Browser for S60 go! And of course go go!

Here's the proof:

Upload to blip from N93 browser

And here's the video:

Lovely Christmas carol singing (Have yourself a Merry Christmas) from Afterglow (604-461-1409, afterglowquartet AT uploaded directly from my N93 over WiFi using the browser for Series 60.

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