In the near future, just like you have settings and/or dedicated buttons for the flash, white balance, etc. you will have a similar way for setting how you wish to share your photos with ShoZu-like technology.

As I commented on D'Arcy Norman's blog, you will have a button to set the 'sharing level' of your photos. e.g. public or private

And you will have time to change it (say a few minutes) and then via WiFi, mobile or whatever whenever there's connectivity, your camera will automatically upload it to your public or private area using ShoZu like technology with suspend and resume.

i.e. "Set it and Forget it" :-) and share it! The bluetooth/usb/dongle/card reader shuffle and its associated chain of pain will be a relic of the past and the kids today won't understand how a camera could not be connected to the network and the various shenanigans we go through to upload and share photos.

D'arcy calls this the "shoot-publish-respond workflow" versus the "hunting trip " workflow of today. I think both will co-exist but the "shoot-publish-respond workflow" will become increasingly prominent.

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