Bloggers / instant journalists / citizen journalists whatever you want to call us are a complementary force to established media. I and increasingly others (especially those who want the "real story" who are usually the "influencers") don't care what platform you use (newspaper, radio, tv, blog, videoblog, podcast, etc) as long what you are writing is accurate, authentic and timely. Unfortunately for the established media, when it comes to technology (especially in Canada!) the real story is more often than not on the blogs since the established media often doesn't have the authenticity, accuracy and timeliness.

FROM VoIP Watch: Creative Video Blogging and The New "Instant Journalism":


On the human, um Public level, this also means, the usually dismissive approach many old school PR people have taken of bloggers and online journalists will have to change. Heck it better. Bloggers are now as important to the established companies as the mainstream media have always been, not just to the new and emerging companies with something new to show. As a matter of fact if you have to pick between the analyst, media or blogger this week, unfortunately the analyst drops to third in importance if you've got something to tell and sell. Candidly some media types who are not on deadline should take a page out of the sportswriters creed and code of mutual respect...photographers and those on deadline to the front of the pack, everyone else to the back.

I'll be at CES this week along with clients Nokia, TalkPlus, ATS, SightSpeed and NextAlarm all of which are on site either in their own booths, or in partner booths or both. There will also be private suites and private show rooms scattered around Las Veags making a portable GPS a dream come true. At media events I have my press badge and as a member of the instant journalism world hopefully at the front of the pack, not at the back of the room.


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