Vox offers video upload via the Atom Publishing Protocol direct from your N93 and other Nokia N series phone with Series 60 v3 (e.g. N73, N80i, N93) and it works great (check out my one and only public Vox video so far - taken with an N93)! The only problem that I see so far is that the Vox Flash video player stutters badly in Firefox 2 and Safari on my 15 inch PowerBook running Mac OS X 10.4.8

Blip.tv, please implement this too. I think all that needs to be done (heh! easy for me to say) is to implement an Atom publish protocol endpoint.

Just hack the config file that Vox provides with your own APP endpoint.

I figure changing:

<protocol plugin="Atom" version="0.3">

to a suitable blip.tv endpoint will make it work! Ha! Just a small matter of code :-) ! Challenge to blip.tv and all the other video services; you now have no excuse for not having direct video upload from phones! And please increase the per video limit from 50MB (Vox's limit) to 100MB.

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