Installed fring on the N80i last night and it works pretty well. Aside from one crash on initial install and the usual annoying Series 60 memory issues (Nokia please put more memory in your phones), it seems to work as advertised. I have tested Skype Chat and N80i to Skype calls via fring and they work. One noteworthy bug, fring doesn't work with Skype group chats (it seems to partially support but not fully support: you can see a group chat but you can't participate in the group chat)

From VoIP Watch: Fring Is Here:


Fring is a peer to peer communications program that lets mobile users talk for free between one another over WiFi, 3G or GPRS. What's really interesting is the folks at FRING have engineered a way to talk to Skype users as well as Google Talk users from within the the Fring client. This is interesting because Skype seems to have abandoned efforts for the time being to be in the mobile market. For months we've been hearing tha there was going to be a Symbian Skype client but at CES I heard this was far from close to happening, something that has Symbian fans scratching their heads.


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