Stuart nails it. I can't continue to use the current version of fring (0.74). The constant beeping every time you receive a Skype message and the fact that group chats are broken up and delivered individually by the person chatting outweigh the fact that fring does a great job of allowing me to call my Skype contacts for free and do Skype Out at no extra charge.

However, this can be fixed easily I think. So I am eagerly awaiting a new version of fring that fixes these bugs.

FROM N80, Truphone, Fring + Notes (Unbound Spiral):


On the... needs a solution side. I'm a member of some multi-chats. Fring breaks these up and delivers by person when they come in. I've logged on or rebooted my phone and the "Fringing" thing doesn't stop "Fringing" as these messages catch up. Thus there are some of the usual synch issues with using Skype with more than one client. I have no idea what happens to history. Be nice to know.

The chat still has a little bug. Each time you get an update from a buddy it kicks you out of where you were chatting. With more than one chat on the go this is even worse. So I found myself having to watch the keys and restart sentences. It will get fixed.


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