I don't need any new features in S60 FP2. Please fix the following bugs:

  • Memory Management (may not be a bug, maybe N series phones just need much more memory, my guestimate would be double the current memory)
  • Thumbnail race condition with ShoZu (might be a ShoZu bug but just in case! I want my reliable ShoZu back! ShoZu on the pre S60V3 devices seemed much more reliable).

Making multiple apps run fine without running out of memory (I can make all of my N series phones run out of memory by simply running the S60 browser, surfing to flickr.com/photos/roland and using the Nokia wireless keyboard) and ShoZu work perfectly would greatly improve the S60 user experience in my opinion!

From See into S60:


S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 has been announced! On Friday I'll be doing an interview for the Voice of S60 with the head of S60 Platforms Marketing, Mikko Röntynen. Please send me any questions or comments you might have for Mikko and I'll ask him during the interview! You can leave your questions/comments below in the comments section...


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