Unboxing the FON router - 15/02/2007

My FON router works! Hurray! Now sharing WiFi with the world! Couldn't get it to work with my hub like the ancient Airport Base Station does which makes no sense. If I plug it directly into the ADSL modem it works, just doesn't work plugged in indirectly like the Airport Base Station was! Do I need a cross over eithernet cable to make it work with my hub?

Other quirks: maybe this is a bug in Apple's Airport but sometimes the router works but doesn't show as connected. Also, it took forever (more than 5 minutes!) for FON_AP to show up as a WiFi network after plugging in the router. Finally, the registration webapp on the site wouldn't accept my street address as valid. I had to manually move to my location on the Google map to make it accept my address. Weird!

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