Best "Why you should buy an unlocked phone" rant ever!

FROM AAS Feature: Unlocking the Mobile Phone: Why we need to go SIM-Free:


How to free the phone

This is all easier said than done, of course, and much of the change has to be cultural as well as technical or legal. Here are three suggestions that would help bring about this change:

- Phone-locking should be completely illegal.

- Phone network operators should not be allowed to sell phones.

- "Free" phones should not be called free, but labelled exactly like any other product bought on installments with the real total price and interest rate clearly marked on all advertising.

As the Finnish example showed though, the phone operators have a tremendous lobbying power which is difficult to overcome. While we're waiting for enough politicians to realise and accept that the operators are worth taking on, we can make a difference right now by doing the following:

1. Don't buy phones from operators

2. Don't sign long term contracts with operators

3. Buy phones SIM-free from high street and online electronics retailers and other non-operator shops

The more we do those three things, the less power the operators have, and the freer, cheaper and better the phone world becomes.


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