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Courtesy of the Hill and Knowlton (Hill and Knowlton Blog) Motorola Bloggers Relation Program, I picked up my free trial Motorola KRZR K1 phone (complete with new phone number and unfortunately locked to Rogers) yesterday. Bottom line so far: for the power multi-media creator user, Nokia's phones are much better and I would pay my own money for a Nokia N95 or N93 or my mythical N999, I wouldn't pay my own money for the KRZR.

Trial KRZR K1 - Image164


  1. Came in an awesome aluminum briefcase
  2. Great form factor and light weight
  3. USB Charging
  4. Text Auto Complete even with ITAP turned off
  5. Camera has a nice mirror for self portraits


  1. Cheesy Operating System (ugly to me but YMMV)
  2. Adapter for normal headphones must be unplugged to answer a call!
  3. no flash for camera - Nokia flash is not great but better than nothing. Sony Ericsson flashes are much better!
  4. the web browser doesn't allow you to change the home page (Rogers bug not Motorola bug?)
  5. the web browser is primitive and bad - sorry to be harsh, but compared to Nokia's Web kit browser or Opera, this browser is a toy: it doesn't support upload of attachments to mobile gmail, no way to enter a URL to surf to (you have to create a bookmark), many, many problems
  6. ShoZu doesn't work on this phone (Rogers bug?). A phone without ShoZu is like a phone without sunshine :-) !
  7. No WiFi - I wouldn't pay my own money for a phone without WiFi
  8. No obvious way to upload your photos or videos without going through USB or Bluetooth "chain of pain" - I prefer ShoZu but there's no support to upload photos to flickr and photos and video to Vox which the built in Nokia gallery app on all recent N series phones does
  9. Voice Recognition doesn't work for all commands (e,g, I can't turn off Bluetooth with a voice command)

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