A lot of conferences have free WiFi these days and I have used my N Series phones with WiFi that I received free from Nokia (thanks! In particular the N80i, N91 and N93) to live photoblog over WiFi to ShoZu and then to flickr at these conferences.

So, don't forget to set up your wireless Access point with ShoZu if you have an N series phone with WiFi:

First set up the access point (this assumes that it's an open access point, if not you have to add the password in by hand in the Tools->Settings App->Connections which is cumbersome but doable):

  1. App Key -> Connectivity -> Connection Mgr -> Available WLAN - > Scroll down to the free WiFi for the conference -> Options -> Define Access Point
  2. Define the Conference WiFi access point as usual

In ShoZu, add the access point:

  1. Options->Transfer Status->Options->Advanced->Click on Access Points-> Add the Conference WiFi access point you just added

Finally, follow the excellent How To I quoted below.

I most recently did this at Saskatchewan Interactive and and it worked really well,

FROM How To: Automatic Upload Photos With Your Nseries Phone at the Nokia blog:


I’ll show you how you can take pictures and skip the steps of uploading. Your Nokia Nseries phone will do all the uploading in the background while you do what’s more important: taking pictures. This will be very useful if you are going to conventions or events, but I wrote this because of the upcoming Evening with the S60 that I will be attending. I will be using this “live photoblogging

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