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My suggestions to Nicole Arksey (Nicole's powepoint slides) and the rest of the team on Family Blog:

  1. Don't call it a blog unless it has permanent links and generates RSS which Family Blog currently doesn't
  2. Use a standard blogging engine like JRoller (if you must use Java :-) ), Wordpress or h*ck even Drupal and focus on the large display UI part. There's a blogging engine for every technology and language so finding one shouldn't be a problem.
  3. Instead of writing a client from scratch on the phone, leverage the capabilities of the built in software. e.g. The N80i has LifeBlog built-in which supports the Atom Publishing Protocol and recent N series phones like the N93 and N95 have a built-in Gallery application that also supports the Atom Publishing Protocol. So re-work Family Blog to use a blogging engine that supports the Atom Publishing Protocol and you can use the built in software on the phone.


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