I predict there will be a Nokia Vancouver event like this in 2 years or less. Doesn't have to be S60 (because nobody in Canada knows what S60 is) but let's highlight the hundreds of awesome researchers, engineers, marketers, developers, etc at Nokia Vancouver and expose them to the public and sell Nokia stuff as well as give out swag. I suggested this before and I'll keep suggesting it :-) !

FROM Ring Nokia: Evening with S60 Helsinki: June 14, 2007:


Our "An Evening with S60" event first touched down in New York City, then Chicago, now we're trying to score a hat trick with Helsinki! So you're all very warming welcomed to our third "An Evening with S60" to be held at the Nokia Flagship in Helsinki, Thursday June 14, 2007 from 19.00 to 21.00 (they're shutting down the store an hour early for us). It's a night of networking, technology, and of course...fun!


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