I don't travel nearly as much as Andy so I don't have a travel router. I just want to be able to videochat with the family so no iChat and Skype port blocking please! As a food lover and blogger, I second Andy's emotion about the larder and restaurant of course :-) !

FROM Working Anywhere: What A Global Nomad Wants In A Hotel To Work Anywhere:


I admit I'm a bit more towards the side of high maintenance when it comes to what I want in a business grade hotel but as a person who is spending more days a month on the road than in my own house I've pretty much nailed down what I want and need in order to be a road warrior/global nomad beyond a very well informed front desk and a "we'll get it done right concierge."

So here's my list:

1. Real Broadband--1.5 megs or more to my room symmetrically. Anything less and its no fun.

2. Wired and Wireless in Room Access- The ability to plug my travel router in so I can use multiple devices over the Internet connection such as a WiFi phone, dual mode phone, Nokia N800 Internet Tablet or a second PC when traveling with my wife to be.


7. 24 Hour Room Service WITH a 24 hour menu--some of us can be in multiple time zones in the same day and span ten overnight. We need to keep our bodies in tune and that means eating what we need not by what the clock says.

8. A Hot Restaurant With A Killer Chef--okay so I'm a foodie and a wine lover, and a coffee/espresso and tea junkie. I like food from Artisan bakeries, locally grown produce and fruits and farm raised beef, poultry and fresh fish. But why should I have to leave the hotel?


13. A Larder Hotel De Anza in San Jose lets you raid the larder throughout the day/night. So do other cool hotels. That way, if room service is more than you need, you can find a snack at anytime.

14. High Quality Bottled Water Again, our health on the road is always a challenge. Having better grades of mineral water on hand (at fair prices) keeps us going, and going.


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