It started innocently enough. I think it was 1978 (or was it 1977?); I saw my first microcomputer a Commodore Pet, a chiclet keyboard PET with a cassette drive at a family friend's place in Pennsylvania. I was hooked.

By 1979, I was a Byte Magazine subscriber. I vividly recall the August 1979 Lisp Issue. Those August language issues were my favourite!

The rest is history: hacking in BASIC and 6502 Assembler language after my parents scrapped the money together to get me a PET with a real keyboard. Getting a TI-58C programmable calculator and hacking a hokey speed chess clock (remember that Ron?). Programming in C on a Commodore 64, my obsession with Usenet, thinking I was G*d with an Amiga in 4th year university, and then the Internet where blogging and RSS once more changed my life; the list goes on and on and on.

As Ethan wrote, "I got into technology because it called for me.

I’m still in technology because I don’t see any other way to be who I am, or want to be."

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