Are you a busy parent and don't have time to correct each of your photos in Lightroom? Then just use Lightroom's cataloguing and culling features and upload to flickr using Mac OS X's built in RAW to JPEG converters.

I do this for kids pics to get them up on the net as soon as possible. Obviously you'd want to crop and develop using the Develop module if you want to print your pictures or have total control over the JPEGS but this works for fast and dirty, get 'em up on the web so your worldwide family can see them !

  1. Import the photos into Lightroom
  2. Remove blurry and non keepers
  3. Add keywords
  4. In LIbrary mode, select all the keepers and then Metadata->XMP->Export Metadata to Files
  5. Drag the photos into PictureSync and then upload to flickr
  6. Done!

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