Inspired by Jonathan of atmasphere, I decided to try Viddler for my video of GK VanPatter of NextD at the Microsoft Expression Launch in Canvas in Gastown last Thursday. Cool features: you can tag and comment and video comment on both the entire video and anywhere in the timeline. Question: Can you get RSS feeds of all that?

Like Boris, I internally re-coiled at GK's mention of Design "3.0" and "2.0" but whatever you call it, the idea of solving the big problems of society and not just designing yet another product is an idea whose time has come. I gently challenged GK afterwards to contribute back to Canada (he's a Canadian based in New York) and he challenged us by asking does Bryght have a designer? I think that integrated multi-disciplinary teams helping solve big societal problems as well as designing products are the key challenges of the 21st century and open source is a large part of that.

What about Silverlight and Expression, the actual focus of the event? Ho Hum. I used to love iView Media Pro (and still have 10,000 photos and videos in a an iView Media catalogue) but compared to Lightroom and Aperture (and yes I know they are apples and oranges since Expression Media, the successor to iView Media Pro since the Microsoft acquisition is a true digital asset management program and LR and Aperture only do photos) the interface in Expression Media seems old fashioned and much hasn't changed. Until Macs and Linux are first class development and deployment platforms for Silverlight, I can't take the Expression tools seriously. As for Web and the other programs in the Expression Suites they are not my thing! Others like Morten have a better perspective. However it's something to watch and Microsoft and others are working on full Mac and Linux support so wait and see.

Herewith the 15 minute 15 second video (original 300 MB MPEG-4 video) complete with my inline tags and comments for your viewing pleasure :-) (also check out Warren Frey's Expression launch video)!


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