<armchair CEO>

Again, Cognima doesn't need my advice, but I'm going to give it anyway :)

  1. Work with Nokia and power users like Ken, Alec and myself (I love ShoZu but if I don't keep the number of photos on my N93 at less than about a 100, after about 200 I have to deactivate and reactivate ShoZu or even worse hard reset the phone; for me 100 photos is less than a week so this is really really annoying) who have had problems with ShoZu and fix the problems!
  2. Have an official blog. The ShoZu forums are a mess and hard to follow. I'll settle for full text RSS feeds of all updates to the forum (the current RSS feed only shows the first post and not the replies so it's useless) but really a blog that synthesized the best of the forums plus news would be best. Just having a not very often updated CEO blog is not good enough.
  3. Fix the website. It crashes on Mac Firefox randomly
  4. Get rid of the silly 4MB limit for videos over WiFi. I am willing to pay about $30 US a year to be able to upload unlimited size videos over WiFi
  5. Open source the client. The real secret sauce is the server! This is probably the fastest way to get it running on the iPhone when that becomes possible.

</armchair CEO>

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