I need to also write up a long term Nokia N93 review. Read the whole thing if you are in the mood for a longish review; I pretty much agree with what Jon wrote. My quick summary: the N93 is a great mobile computer with a great camera (well as good as my beloved first digicam from 1996 - the Olympus D500) that's hampered by lack of EDGE, RAM and only 2GB memory card support. Add EDGE (and north american 3G maybe), double the RAM and support 8GB cards and you will truly have a great multi media computer. Not as great from a user experience point of view as the iPhone but a functional, versatile device for mobile power users and geeks!

FROM Jon Arnold's Blog: Nokia N93 Review:


Another feature with mixed utility is the zoom. You can certainly zoom in closer than with earlier models, but there’s not much point since the photos never turn out. For taking photos at conferences, I find you can only zoom in just a touch and still get passable results. Things go out of focus in a hurry as soon as you starting getting a closer look at your subject.

I love the video capabilities too – it’s really what I enjoy most about these Nokia phones. As long as you have sufficient memory, you can have a lot of fun taking short videos – zooming is easy, and the sound quality is quite good.


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