Russ Beattie agrees with me that Nokia should adopt an open source core.

FROM Nokia and The Next Gen Mobile GUI


Point 4 is something I’ve written about before: Symbian had its chance to reach critical mass, and didn’t. It may continue to gain developers and new phones, but they’ve hit the high water mark in terms of rate of adoption and units… From this point on, Symbian is going to be doing that slow fade into technological obscurity. Let me put it like this: Symbian is not a platform that any true innovators would ever base their ideas on going forward, and without innovation an OS is dead. Once Nokia moves on to something else, it’ll quickly go away forever. And what would Nokia move to? Linux of course - as shown by their two outstanding web tablets the 770 and N800. The quicker Nokia starts moving that OS to their top-tier mobile phones, the better, IMHO.


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