[UPDATE: Mac Skype has a keypad icon which you click on to send DTMF tones which  means i can easily use the Iotum app without paying, cool! hopefully this works on N800 Skype too] 

I tried a conference call to myself on the weekend and it worked fine! I couldn't get it to work with Mac Skype (couldn't figure out how send my phone number, how does one send a DTMF tones in Mac Skype?) but that's Skype's fault and I am sure will be easily remedied. This will be great for impromptu calls.

Question: is this a Lypp competitor? Answer: I think it could be but is not directly!

From "Finally, a useful application on Facebook" — Alec Saunders .LOG: <p>QUOTE</p> <blockquote> For North American users, the calls are free. You call our bridge in the 218 area code, and pay only the charges you would normally pay, whether that's airtime on your cellular phone, or long distance on your land line. As Jim Courtney at the Skype Journal discovered yesterday, you can even make the calls from Skype — great if you have an unlimited Skype account. </blockquote> <p>END QUOTE</p>

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