Globe and Mail finally gets their story about WorkSpace's stolen computers being used to upload pictures to flickr at 6:43p.m. (all times are Pacific!), but of course blogs were faster: e.g. Tris Hussey blogged it well before noon, Global Nerdy at 11:14a.m. and Boing Boing at 11:52

From Mystery photo turns B&E into a high-tech whodunit:


PATRICK BRETHOUR From Tuesday's Globe and Mail September 24, 2007 at 9:43 PM EDT VANCOUVER — For a week, the late-night burglary at the WorkSpace company was like hundreds of other robberies in downtown Vancouver, with little hope of recovering six stolen computers.
Then Monday morning, pictures from one of the stolen computers started showing up on the social-networking site Flickr – photo album to the world – turning a mundane B&E into a high-tech whodunit.
Dane Brown, manager at WorkSpace, received a call from a friend who told him about the mysterious photo on the company's Flickr web page of a heavily tattooed man peering into the digital camera on one of the stolen computers, an iMac. A second photo shows a man's back with intricate tattoo work.
Flickr, owned by Yahoo, is one of the biggest social-networking sites, an online genre that combines the deeply private with the entirely public. Internet Links * See the photos The Globe and Mail
The man seems to have been entirely unaware of the existence of that world – or at least of the fact that the iMac was set up to send photos directly to WorkSpace's account on the Flickr website once a user agreed to the innocuous request to upload.
Although the photo of the man is titled “Me,

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