20071001-429- MoMoVan Oct 2007 <p>The face of MoMoVan (at least for 2007-8) by popular vote is Igor Faletski who not only is one of the partners behind Handi Mobile but also looks great in a hat.</p> <p>Some other MoMoVan Oct 2007 thoughts:</p> <ul> <li>Enjoyed the beer and the venue at Granville Island Brewing Company. Looking forward to the next event there</li> <li>Igor Faletski's and John Boxall's MoMo World Wide Summit 2007 presentation was insightful and hilarious. Love how they loved the unconference part the best too. I suspect I would have too.</li> <li>Handi Mobile's poll service sounds great. Please add acknowledgement message to confirm a successful vote.</li> <li>The floobs aka "Mogulus Mobile" service that they mentioned sounds great. Sign me up for the beta, Igor and John!</li> <li>Great enthusiastic organization by new WINBC Executive Director Michael Bidu. Go Michael Go! Go WINBC go!</li> <li>Edie Hats is fantastic (and Igor and the MoMoVan attendees looked great in them). I have two of their hats and will head to their celebration this weekend at their Granville Island Store</li> </ul>

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