More N95-1 observations:

  1. shutter lag is less, still too much lag in general (sensor turn on lag, focus lag and shutter lag)
  2. I seem to get more out of memory errors on the web browser than the N93 browser
  3. Video stabilization like the video stabilization on the N93 doesn't seem to do much
  4. I prefer the larger keys on the N93, but love the N95 compact form factor
  5. Assuming the doubled free RAM on the N95-3 allows you to run ShoZu, Twitter in the web browser and the Jaiku mobile client simultaneously without crashing, the N95-3 looks to be a killer device. for mobile multi-media creators like myself. I can't recommend the N95-1 but based on the early reviews for the N95-3, I can definitely recommend the N95-3; too bad Nokia isn't giving N95-1 North American owners a rebate like Apple did for iPhone early adopters

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