There are so many tasks you can do with mobile devices today. This is a fun site that I started to review how usable these tasks are. Join (you can also login with Open Id) today and contribute your review of these tasks and to rate other people's reviews.

From About | Mobile Report Card:


The iPhone has raised the bar for the usability of creating and consuming media on your mobile device. This site is a place to:
1. Review the multimedia related tasks (i.e. create a mobile media task review) you do with mobile devices (phones, etc) such as uploading photos, videos, sending emails, instant messaging, etc.
2. Rate other people's mobile media task reviews (currently doesn't work in Safari 3, works great in Safari 2, Firefox and IE)
We hope to make this a nice compendium of real world tasks and real world reviews that people can contribute to and use as a reference when buying a mobile device. Join today and add your reviews and help us celebrate the successes and failures of mobile media tasks and improve our mobile devices !


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