I tried to record a video using the new video APIs in S60 Python 1.4.1 but I can't get it to work. My code (inspired by instaflickr code from the S60 Python Book Sample code) runs but the red light doesn't come on on my N93 and nothing is recorded. I am guessing (Forum Nokia post, SourceForge Bug Report) I have an error in camera.start_record() in the following code (which is also attached):

<blockquote> import appuifw  </blockquote><blockquote>import e32,  key_codes, os, os.path, camera, graphics  </blockquote><blockquote>def cb(im):    </blockquote><blockquote>&nbsp; try:     </blockquote><blockquote>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; canvas.blit(im)   </blockquote><blockquote>&nbsp; except:     </blockquote><blockquote>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; appuifw.note(u&#39;cb&#39;)  </blockquote><blockquote>def cb2(im, blah):    </blockquote><blockquote>&nbsp; try:     </blockquote><blockquote>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; x = 1   </blockquote><blockquote>&nbsp; except:     </blockquote><blockquote>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; appuifw.note(u&#39;cb2&#39;)  </blockquote><blockquote>def start_viewfinder():   </blockquote><blockquote>&nbsp; camera.start_finder(cb)</blockquote><blockquote>&nbsp; camera.start_record(&#39;E:\\Python\\whatever.mp4&#39;, cb2 )   </blockquote><blockquote>&nbsp; canvas = appuifw.Canvas() </blockquote><blockquote>&nbsp; appuifw.app.body = canvas </blockquote><blockquote>&nbsp; start_viewfinder()  </blockquote><blockquote>&nbsp; e32.ao_sleep(30) # record video for 30 seconds </blockquote><blockquote>&nbsp; camera.stop_record() </blockquote><blockquote>&nbsp; camera.stop_finder()  </blockquote>   <p>If anybody can help, please email roland AT rolandtanglao.com, call +1 604 729 7924, skype: rtanglao or Jabber: roland@bryght.com </p>

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