Daring Fireball on the N81 8GB - 28112007114 <p>Got an N81 8GB courtesy of the Nokia Blogger Relations Program. The kid and I promptly unpacked and danced around to the mediocre (Maroon 5 is not my cup of tea) music built in. Unlike Stefan and like Alec, I like the build quality; the slide has a very sensual thunk for example and everything feels solid (perhaps Stefan had a creaky prototype?!?!)! The totally unnecessary multimedia key is nowhere to be found thank g*d And everything just works including the web browser which works just as fast as my N95-1. No GPS and only a 2 Megapixel camera so it's not for me but if you are looking for a iPod and don't want Apple (and have lots of money, approximately $CAN 600 according to Alec, unfortunately not available at Dell.ca yet so you have to go through Nokia USA since Nokia.ca is still selling only very old phones) this may be the way to go. More later when I load some good :-) music into this thing. This will probably replace the N800 as my iPod when cycling to work since the speakers are nice and loud!</p>

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