My last list was too materialistic and too computer centred. You shouldn't have to tell a social geek this but here's some Vancouver-centric suggestions for getting away from the screen:

  1. Get your SGeek to play in the snow. Tubing, Tobogganing, Cross Country Skiing and Snow Shoeing are inexpensive. Get a gift certificate or buy a lesson at a place like Cypress.
  2. On your bike sunshine!We are blessed with a mild but rainy climate. Get your SGeek a light (under $20) or some raingear and bike in the rain and the dark! It's fun and great exercise.
  3. Theatre tickets
  4. Dance tickets
  5. Music Tickets
  6. Gift certificate at fav restaurant
  7. Knit him or her a scarf. Essential and stylish in Vancouver.

Failing that there's always books like Benkler's The Wealth of Networks and classics like Barabasi's Linked or anything by Lawrence Lessig or Cory Doctorow. And as a Northern Voice 2008 organizer, I must point out that Northern Voice, Canada's oldest blogging conference and most eclectic social media conference. Northern Voice is a must attend for any social geek and a bargain and a good gift at $60, so register today since we do sell out!

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