I actually want something like the MacBook Air. (which I was wrong about since it was introduced at MacWorld). The current MacBook Air is awesome for frequent travelers who have another more powerful Mac that they can use for CPU intensive tasks when they are not on the road. I am not a frequent traveller so I don't need the current MacBook Air.

What I would like is something that is light and thin that I can carry anywhere and that will allow me to quickly dock with other displays wirelessly (I like having multiple monitors when at the office and home but even I get tired of connecting and disconnecting DVI cables!) and to delegate CPU computing intensive tasks to another Mac on the fly over a really fast network like 4G or WiMax or 802.11n (automatically picking the right one like the iPhone does today with EDGE and 802.11b/g). Basically the MacBookAir plus a "CPU task auto delegation" facility built into the OS as well as seamless wireless monitor connections. Oh and always on i.e. the $USD 3000 Flash option. I am sure this is coming. Just have to be patient.

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