GorillaPod+DT-22+N95+Bike=fun - IMG_5947<p>The above photo shows my “bicyclecast” setup (Gorillapod + N95 + DT-22 Tripod Adapter + my bicycle). It worked for only 6 minutes of my 30 minute commute to work (bug? limited buffering capacity? EDGE too slow?). And was fun. The GorillaPod doesn’t keep the camera too snug on the bike but it’s low budget, cheap and cheerful. Someday I’ll have the money to buy a proper bike tripod camera mount like the pros use for Tour de France videos!</p><p>Check it out: qik.com/video/13888 recorded live from my bicycle (the hardest part was fastening the tripod and the phone onto the bike, music courtesy of my N81 Musicphone)</p>

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