As long as Microsoft doesn't neuter flickr (I don't use any other Yahoo or Microsoft services) I am fine with them buying Yahoo! Not that Microsoft cares what I think :-) !

Neutering to me would include:

  1. forcing us to use the Microsoft Live ID instead of my Yahoo ID
  2. converting flickr to .NET or to using some other non open source system other than LAMP

But in the long run, Microsoft and Yahoo would be better off if they "creatively self destructed" into the following units: <ol> <li>Social Media Co - Yahoo Mail + Hotmail + flickr + delicious + MSN, etc</li> <li>Windows Co - Windows XP, Vista and Mobile</li> <li>Office Co - Word et al</li> <li>Xbox Co - gaming</li> <li>etc</li> </ol>But the odds of any of this kind of creative destruction are practically nil.

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