Here’s what I did:

  1. Set Nokia's camera app on my N95 to take a photo every 10 seconds
  2. Took over 200 photos on my bike ride in today
  3. Deleted about 50
  4. Selected the remaining 150 and tried to upload them with ShoZu to flickr

Here's what happened:

  1. Phone started repeatedly complaining about low memory
  2. ShoZu "crashes" every time (by crash I mean doesn't display the ShoZu main screen and just sits there, rest of phone is functional)

Here's the software that was installed on my N95 (all installed on my main memory):

  1. A funky theme I got from SiMo
  2. YBrowser
  3. ShoZu
  4. Bambuser
  5. Flixwagon
  6. Qik
  7. Google Maps

I guess uploading 150 photos at a time is not a normal :-) use case for ShoZu. Or maybe it's a bug. Or maybe I have too many apps installed. Looks like I'll have to hard reset my N95 and start over again, aaargh (how many times have I done this? about a dozen! oh the joys of early adoption)!!!

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