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My SXSW 2008 Badge Dave, Scales, and Kris, are headed to SXSW on Thursday; Erik and I are headed to SXSW 2008 on Friday. We are gearing up for a fun web, music and business-packed week.

I hope to finally meet in person some of the great online people I have met over the years such as Nicole Simon and Rannie Turingan as well as reconnect with friends like Scotty Brooks, Corey Denis, Alex Williams, and Tim Bonnemann as well as hang out with the Vancouver crowd and meet and greet new friends at the South by Northwest party sponsored by RCS as well as other cool Pacific North West Companies and at our booth. Last but not least, I hope to spend a not insignificant time hanging with Ron, who I have known since I was 6! (Oh and I might take some blurry pictures of the dillos too :-) !

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