MoMoVan - 050520081595

It was great fun moderating a panel discussion on mobile social networking as part of MoMoVan May 2008. Fun bantering with Jim Udall, Jeff LaPorte and David Vogt!

Some random points:

  • I loved David's vigorous defense of Vancouver and his wonderful case for mobile innovation in Vancouver no need to move to Asia! Perhaps our "mobile crisis" is a temporary aberration as I blurted out at one point? Vancouver does have a lot going on: great educational institutions, great social and cultural scenes, great weather and great public spaces (at least in the city of Vancouver, not much in the suburbs but this will change).
  • The crowd at MoMoVan with a few glaring exceptions isn't really into social mobile networking. Not too much mobile real time blogging, twittering or facebooking or qik video or real time flickr-ing or whatever going on at the MoMoVan events I've attended. At least that's my sense. Prove me wrong! Twitter me (rtanglao) or leave a comment!
  • The crowd at MoMoVan is into the traditional one-way web and old skool two way stuff like email, IM and posting pictures in non real time. I know because I took a poll at the start of the panel
  • Mobile provides context
  • Mobile can be socially enlivening public spaces instead of distancing or cocooning
  • The discussion was recorded by Bruce Sharpe. Hopefully he'll post the video soon


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